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Shit Happens – Creating Your Plan to Survive and Thrive when Faced with Life’s Personal and Natural Disasters by Linda O Fostek


SHIT HAPPENS - The Book. By Kinda O. Fostek
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What People are Saying About Shit Happens

What a wonderful book! I knew the moment that I looked at the Table of Contents that “S*** Happens” was an absolute treasure! Thanks to Linda Fostek for putting all of this essential information into one, easy-to-use handbook that will have a prominent place on my bookshelf. Though I think of myself as a careful planner, there was much in this book that I had not considered and I am thankful to now have this information close at hand. Every home should have a copy of this important book.
- Gail Dixon, Speaker, Author, Coach and CEO – Mastering Authentic Change

In “Shit Happens”, Linda Fostek has addressed a series of tough to discuss topics related to taking control of the future by being prepared in the present. As a retired School Superintendent and emergency service provider of both EMS and Fire-Rescue, I hear all too often, “What am I supposed to do now? Linda has outlined a multitude of possible crisis from small to large and a series of steps and resources that if used in advance, can eliminate much of the emotional pain that typically results.  
- Alan B. Groveman, Ed.D., Firefighter Captain, Ambulance Corps Assistant Chief

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And Now What? Life Planner and Survivors Checklist – What to do Before, Upon, and After the Death of a Parent, Spouse, or Loved One


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What People Are Saying About And Now What?

Everybody needs this important little book.
~ Trish Carr Co-Founder of Women’s Prosperity Network


This little book could mean the difference between sheer panic and complete confidence for the executor of your estate.  Answer all the questions now, and your loved ones will have everything they need to settle your final affairs.  This will be your best last gift to your family!
~ MarciaGrace Tropin

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Planning Services:


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The Crisis Planner Roadmap:

A self-guided planning system to create your customized disaster plan.  Follow the step-by-step instructions to gather essential documents and information, access key professionals, securely store your information, and communicate your plans to those that need to know.

Empower you and your family with the information and protection they need in the face of a wide range of disasters.  Enjoy the Peace of Mind such planning provides.

Package includes:

  • The Crisis Planner Roadmap
  • Disaster Planning Checklist
  • “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) File Checklist
  • “LIVE” Group Tele-Planner Call
  • Progress Accountability

GPS Logo1

Book your GPS session now. What are you waiting for?

Single GPS session: Regular Price $250

Spring Planning Special $199

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*Comes with bonus signed copy of “Shit Happens”

*Three GPS sessions: Regular Price $600

Start the New Year Off Right Special $499

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The Crisis Planner GPS (Guided Planning System)

Don’t know where to start? Don’t know what planning should include?Don’t know what you have or what you are missing?Think you’ve got it all covered but, just want to make sure?Your personalized GPS meeting includes:

  • Pre-planning GPS worksheet
  • One-to-one meeting to get planning in motion
  • Evaluation of existing plans
  • Identification of missing planning essentials
  • “And Now What?” planning workbook
  • Referrals to professionals as necessary to fill in missing pieces
  • Questions to ask to insure you get the right documents for your planning needs
  • Personalized disaster plan framework for you and your family
  • ICE (In Case of Emergency) file checklist
  • Disaster Planning Checklist
  • Plan for next steps to complete your plan
  • 30 Day follow-up accountability call

 What people are saying about The Crisis Planner GPS

Linda Fostek calls herself “The Crisis Planner,” but I think a more fitting title is “The Crisis Preventer.” Everybody should have such a skillful and trusted advisor —and now you can!

~ Gail Dixon 

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful GPS session! I’ve got my homework and you’re keeping me accountable so how can I lose?!

~ MarciaGrace Tropin

Other Products and Services:

CARBONITE_logo Computer Back-up
Protect your data, files, and photos from a computer crash or lost laptop.  Back up your computer safely and automatically to the cloud with Carbonite.  Never have to think about computer back-up again.  Know that your date is safe and secure with a trusted computer back up system used by millions.For more information Use this link:


Identity Protection
Identity theft is in the news nearly every day.  We all know the risk and try to do all we can to protect our identity.  We shred documents, and avoid revealing key information but still there are security breaches.  Without protection you are vulnerable to losing so much.  Identity thieves are targeting the social security numbers of young children as well.  ID Shield offers complete identity protection and restoration of your identity, if it is stolen.  Their family plan covers all members of the household under 26 years of age for one low price.For more information Use this link:


LegalShield-logo Legal Support
Do you ever have legal questions but don’t want to pay the high hourly rate to consult a lawyer.  Over the year questions come up be they real estate, estate planning, DWI and tickets, business questions, or family needs.  Wouldn’t it be great if for a small monthly fee you can have access to a local attorney to answer those questions?   That’s what Legal Shield offers.For more information Use this link:


Health and Wellness
Prevention is the key to your health and wellness.  Because our diets often fall short in providing us with the essential nutrients we need for optimum health nutritional supplements are essential to fill in the gap.  Even if you are conscientious in our eating habits the nutritional quality of the foods we are eating are not once they once were.  It is important to choose supplements that deliver what they say on the label.  It is also important to choose supplements that are absorbable and don’t end up in the toilet.  Pharmanex offers just such a line of supplements.For more information and to see the studies on Pharmanex products Use this link: